Current Consultation & Supervision Opportunities at Live Oak

Practicing with Grace:

“The Trauma of Everyday Life”


Location: 30 N. Michigan, Suite 508
Fee: $60 per meeting

Third Monday each month
9:00 am – 11:00 am

2 CEUs per meeting
Facilitator: Jeff Levy, CTRS, LCSW




Practicing With Grace:  Balance, imperfection, humanity, transparency, creativity, groundedness, mindfulness, compassion, and an ability to “pause”—all qualities that have potential to enhance the quality of our clinical work.

“The Trauma of Everyday Life”: This consultation group will read and discuss the book: “The Trauma of Everyday Life” by psychiatrist Mark Epstein.  In his book, Epstein explores the interface of Buddhist teachings with the practice of psychotherapy, specifically as it relates to working with trauma.  The group will also focus on the intersection of person and clinician, especially as they manifest in trauma-informed practice. While not required, an openness to creative, expressive-activity, mindfulness-based, and body-inclusive therapies is encouraged. This is a closed group and will be limited to 6 people.  Though the group is on going, a commitment of five months is required for registration.


For more information and/or to schedule an initial conversation, please contact: Jeff Levy, CTRS, LCSW at 773.880.1310, ext. 82



Professional LCSW Supervision Group (On-going)


1300 W. Belmont Avenue, Suite 400 in Chicago
Fee: $35 per week
Facilitator: Danny Lopez, LCSW

Live Oak offers a weekly, ongoing, ninety-minute LCSW supervision group. The group is designed for those social workers who do not have LCSW supervision at their employment sites and/or for those social workers who would like additional weekly supervision. The group will be limited to five participants with a structure that is a combination of discussion, experiential activities, case presentation, and reading.

For further information, or to register for the group, please e-mail Danny Lopez, LCSW or call 773.880.1310 ext. 7617.